Fashion for the music lovers comes full circle

A few years ago I was contacted by a strip club that was opening and wanted all the girls to wear "rocker" clothing and accessories. They wanted to hire me to do the styling. I was contracted to procure belts, spiked collars, and make the dancers & bartenders outfits to wear. Sounded pretty rad right?
Opening night went amazing, but after a few weeks the usual "upscale" clientele did not respond well to the aesthetic . They told the girls to all change and all my goth friends they hired to look the part were no longer allowed to wear their own accessories while working. UGH!
I was pretty bummed out. I put a ton of energy into this project and I helped them with hair & makeup assistants. The worst part was I was never paid in full for my work. I had tons of band T's left over from that project so I finally finished them and I took them to my all time favorite sustainable fashion store - Buffalo Exchange!  
This is Sareena Dominguez, buyer for Buffalo Exchange wearing a Hell on Heels Motörhead modified band T. She also makes magical music!! 
I have been shopping at Buffalo Exchange since the late 90s, early 00's. I had my very first fashion show as GlitterKids Clothing in the live music capital of the world, Austin, TX. Coordinated and hosted by Buffalo Exchange.
The fashion show was about the evolution of fashion. They had styled looks from the 40's-2000's. All of my models were Buffalo Exchange employees. When models were about to go out - the techno music started pumping loudly as each model dressed as ravers, club kids, and punks. Mixing genderfluid and fashion activism, they danced, stomped, and sashay down the catwalk!
It was rad to be able to bring almost 2 dozen band T bodysuits and dresses to sell at Buffalo Exchange. Even though that original project didn't fully work out. I was able to give these babes a new life and a happy ending to a creative project.  Fashion for the music lovers comes full circle. 
Gothic fate. I love that ironically, my friend Claudia bought this Nine Inch Nails bodysuit & a Bauhaus dress I made from Buffalo Exchange. Sustainable fashion lovers for life.  
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